Kevin Sornberger

You can find me on Twitter or send an email to ksornberger at gmail.

I was previously the senior software architect at Fusenet in Oakville, Ontario. I got to build and design a unique video streaming application called Graboid, and was part of this team since the company was 4 smart people crammed in one very tiny room hacking away.

Recently I've teamed up with 2 other bright individuals to form a new company called DevBBQ to work on some projects we've been wanting to get off the ground and work on some client contracts when interesting opportunities present themselves. We've recently launched an iPhone app called CoffeeDash, it's free so you should check it out on the App Store. We're also working on a new product called UserClues, which helps you to better understand how your customers are using your applications.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree with a minor in business from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and an currently living in Oakville.

I'm always up for meeting new people or getting together to chat/argue about tech things or whatever topics are trending on Twitter that day. This is especially true if a cold beer is involved so drop me a line if you want to say hi.